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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of these questions were originally featured in an interview with Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine

  • Will you be involved during construction to make sure I am getting what you sold me?

    Numerous construction companies have hired sales people to go out and close deals. Many of these sales people have no construction background whatsoever and are set up as "closers." Some companies then bring in a Project Manager, who's job is to oversee your project, along with all the rest of the projects that are being sold. This means that there is no personal relationship developed.

    The Owners of Unique Outdoor Concepts are your Project Managers! This insures that you are getting everything you desired in the cost, and are readily available to meet with you to discuss your project. We complete a thorough walk through at each & every phase of construction to insure quality control with fewer punch out items. This ensures that your project is timely, cleaner, and safer for you and your family.

  • How much experience do you have as a designer?

    Many times companies hire salesmen as someone who can simply close the deal. The salesman may have been selling cars or insurance last month. This person has to have the ability to look at the area of the project and "build the project in there head" quickly to determine all that may be required to complete the project you want, correctly.

    Unique Outdoor Concepts is a contractor with a team of design and construction specialists, all with their own areas of expertise. The Owners have over 25+ years in the construction industry with many design awards and industry accolades. "It is important to know that the company you choose to carry out your project is rooted in the community, and is not just a group of unfounded claims."

  • What are the main reasons a person chooses to purchase a pool or spa?

    There are many reasons for purchase, such as to create an at home oasis for family and friends. Health and fitness have become very popular reasons as well as adding an aesthetic aquascape.

  • How difficult is it to add a waterfall to a pool or spa?

    Water features are very simple to design and construct into any pool or spa. Many times of the year the pool may not be usable due to outdoor temperatures, but an added waterfall or just a simple waterspout will give added enjoyment to any landscape.

  • What benefits can a waterfall add to a pool or spa?

    The two benefits that give a pool or spa year-round enjoyment is water in motion and the sound of water in motion. This is the real purpose of any water feature.

  • How difficult is it to add a vanishing edge to a pool or spa?

    Any pool could have a vanishing edge, the key is having the correct topography for one. Also the designer and builder must take into account the elevation changes and proper water flow.

    Another concern, is the client looking for a big waterfall off the vanishing edge wall viewable from the back side. This could change the dynamics altogether. There are a lot of factors that have to be taken into account and find out what the clients' expectations are so they can be met.

  • What exactly is a swim spa and what do different models include?

    There are many types of swim spas. Most swim spas are manufactured by spa manufacturers and are designed with not only the standard jets for therapy, but also a high volume jet system that creates a current so you can swim in place.

    The biggest benefit of a swim spa is the ability to exercise in warm water with no impact. These are excellent for people who suffer from joint pain and yet need to exercise.

  • What are some unique luxury upgrades you've seen in the marketplace?

    Many clients are looking to create that resort feel they had on vacation and want some of the items they experienced incorporated into their pool and spa design, such as bars with bar stools in the pool or underwater speaker systems so their music can be heard underwater. These luxury items add more reasons to entertain at home and, more importantly, keep the family together to enjoy that backyard retreat.

  • What advice would you give someone looking to luxury upgrades to their pool or spa?

    We encourage people to think about how they see themselves using this new environment and who they see using it as well. This helps to see the project as more than just a pool or spa that they will enjoy for just a few months out of the year. Then the client can see these items as more of a benefit than just another bell and whistle.